Comprehensive List of The Leading Online Casinos 2020

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Given that our web page is devoted solely to reviews and unbiased evaluations of the leading online casinos, we have decided to create a separate page listing all the possible categories of online casino. You better get ready cause this is going to be a very long read. Nevertheless, we are about to supply you with lots of beneficial info and that alone is pretty invaluable.

Our readers can access the information regarding different sorts of online casinos based on the platforms they’re most suited for, namely: smartphones and tablets. You can also read conclusive info concerning the vast variety of casino games that are made available by web-based gambling sites – all have varying odds, all give you a chance to win big. As far as info for beginners goes, we are going to help you realize just how significant it is to stop and think before making the initial deposit. It’s your livelihood that’s at stake right here, you must think hard!

In addition to all of that, we’ll supply you with information concerning both intercontinental and online casinos Canada. These web-based gambling platforms have different terms and conditions, which means we need to specify and underline them. In addition to all of that, you can find the freshest evaluations on this web site here.

Discover our list of the Hand picked Online Casino sites:

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Online Casino Canada: Is it Legal? What are the Laws?

Gambling laws in Canada are somewhat murky. In spite of the fact that the laws are as transparent as it gets when it comes to l bricks and mortar gaming, they can get really blurred when it comes to virtual casino activities. Things take turn for the worse when you realize that each and every single province has its own set of rules, laws, and stipulations regarding these types of websites.

With all of that being said, it’s is safe to say that online gambling is perfectly legal in Canada. The differences between provincial laws permit gaming in the appropriately accredited online casinos Canada. In addition to that, bettors from Canada can always turn to foreign websites. There is no existing law preventing you from gambling on international platforms, make of that what you will.

We can’t really talk about betting laws in Canada without mentioning the KGC, otherwise known as Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It’s a gaming regulatory body that certifies and supervises a huge amount of online casinos Canada, web-based poker rooms, and sportsbook web sites. As the area itself is regarded as self-governing, it, for the most part, has its own laws and has the authority to approve the reputable sites from all across the world and let the local gamblers enjoy ‘em.

In case we’re talking about the state’s general point of view towards gambling, it has not changed in a significant way, strangely enough. Here are the pivotal points from the past:

  • 1892. The Canadian Parliament enacted the Criminal Code which prohibited ALL forms of gambling;
  • 1969. Her Majesty’s Government (What? That’s the official name!) has granted provincial regulatory bodies free reign to make up their own regulations regarding gambling. For this very reason, countless bricks and mortar establishments begin to pop up all across the nation.

From that moment on, there wasn’t much happening in terms of change. Still, the internet became this world-changing thing that helped connect people from various parts of the planet. Slowly but surely, online betting started becoming more and more popular. Canada’s Criminal Code failed to change with the times, so gambling in online casinos Canada now falls into a grey era – it’s neither legal nor illegal, meaning you shouldn’t lose sleep over legal repercussions until better laws are set in place.

Online Casinos Canada: Unprejudiced Reviews from Specialists

In order to ensure that your virtual gambling experience is as close to perfect as humanly possible, we churn out these reviews on a regular basis. You can be certain knowing that we are NOT affiliated with any of the online casinos which we review.

Our website makes it easy for you to discover a reputable online casino. In our text-based evaluations, we verify everything there’s to verify, we do background research, spend hours going through legitimate user testimonies, and so forth. You can always find out which online casinos are worth your time by reading our reviews.

Closer Look into Our Web Casino Review Process

Let’s discuss all the key points:

  • An online casino must have a clear, concise User Agreement PDF. Way too many online casinos try to confuse their clientele by introducing needlessly complicated rules and stipulations. The most imperative part here is to see how simple it is to apply for freespins or other kinds of sign-up bonuses. If something seems strange to you, you should just leave the site immediately.
  • Online casinos Canada that earn a high rating from us usually transfer your earnings to the bank card or internet wallet in the span of 1-2 days, tops. It’s really important that there’s a fast payout system implemented, otherwise they risk ruining the whole experience. It is NOT fun – winning big money and waiting for weeks to no end for the funds to be transferred./li>
  • We always check to see if there’s a “Responsible Gaming” section. We only support online casinos that promote safe and sensible gambling. We won’t support online gambling websites that implement predatory tactics to take advantage of their userbase./li>
  • We carefully examine the list of withdrawal/deposit methods. Obviously, the more they have, the better it is for the betters. There are countless ways to move money, including online wallets such as Skrill, Neteller or InstaDebit (just in case you’re staying on online casinos Canada). Wire transfers usually take longer, but that’s neither here nor there. In order for an online casino to earn a high grade from us, it has to have at least 50 different means of payment/withdrawal./li>
  • What makes any online casino experience fun is the variety. If a casino doesn’t have too many games to check out then… what’s the point, even? We want to see top-tier games from the leading developers. We want to see a huge array of games that are accessible for both mobile gadgets and PC. So, as you can clearly tell, diversity is REALLY important to us./li>
  • Around the clock client service is vital when playing with real money. Trustworthy online casinos do their best to help you out when it comes to money-related questions. While we review any given online casino, we always make sure to mention the client support taskforce and their response time.
  • Speaking of which, leading online casinos (Canada or worldwide) offer multi-language and multi-currency support. That helps promote unity and transparency./li>
  • As previously said, all honest online casinos have been accredited by the likes of MGA and eCOGRA. If an online casino hasn’t been verified or authorized by anyone, the chances are – it’s pretty shady and you shouldn’t stay there under any circumstances./li>

Brand-New Online Casinos of 2020

There’s a myriad of new online casinos Canada, they launch almost every single day. The brand-new projects aren’t exactly renowned yet, so they’re in dire need of publicity. Our text reviews help attract a larger audience (only if the casino in question is worth staying at), so we’re doing our best to provide assistance to the newcomers by reviewing the best new online casinos of 2020 on a semi-regular basis.

In the majority of cases, new online casinos Canada offer the latest releases from the best studios which can be enjoyed on pretty much every gadget you can think of. Those online casinos are also forced to work extra hard in order to attract users, meaning they have countless promos and bonuses meant to attract betters. Generally speaking, you can count on exceptional graphics and multiple innovative gameplay features from the titles showcased at new online casinos.
FYI: you can access additional info regarding new online casinos Canada on a dedicated page. Find it now to avoid any possible hassle.

Categories of Online Casinos: Learn Which One is Right for You

Flash/Instant play sites have one very important advantage – there’s no necessity for you to undergo the mind-numbingly boring sign-up process. You can start winning real money right from the jump, with no requirement to save any online casino apps to your device or anything like that. It’s among the best options for players that love gambling at work because you can simply go into the incognito mode and your internet history is not going to be saved. This is also a great option for people that have poor internet speed.

Download casinos are different because they require you to DL the client before accessing the main platform. There’s nothing shady about this kinda practice, so don’t worry. The client is not some piece of bloatware or malware, it’s a neat little application that ensures that you have uninterrupted access to all the titles on all platforms. By the by, we need to point out that download online casinos also offer games with better graphics.

Some people don’t like playing with some RNG and choose to have real players/dealers instead. Those people usually choose live online casinos. The “feel” is totally different and it’s pretty damn hard to replicate if you want to experience something similar. Nonetheless, there are still a few downsides to this type of experience.

The recent VR boom had a strong impact on the online casino segment as well. Even though there are not too many VR and AR online casinos out there as of right now, you can expect to see them pop up in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking of the latest advancements! Haven’t you heard – these last couple of years, mobile casinos got really popular. The swiftness and convenience offered by the mobile online casinos Canada are hard to compete with! The apps and platforms are created with an adjustable design that can look great on any screen size or resolution. You can download all the official apps via AppStore and Google Play Market. Playing on mobile is the best possible option, especially if you’re doing it on the go. Depending on the platform, these are the different categories of online casinos Canada:

  • Tablet Casinos. All the games were tailor-made to suit bigger screens. The tablet devices have become more and more accessible during the last couple of years, they are now a very valid (if not superior) substitute for online casino gaming on PC. In our humble opinion, there will be MUCH more tablet-centric online casinos in the nearest future.
  • iPhone Casinos. In case you want to enjoy casino games on your Apple smartphone, you’d most probably have to download the app from the AppStore. Most of the online casinos Canada that we cover in our review use Flash player which is NOT supported by iPhones. With that being said, after you install an official app for a web-based casino of your choosing, you’re set for an unforgettable gambling experience. Apple’s devices are noted for their superior graphics and higher processing power. In addition to that, there are several features that can only be accessed by iPhone users. Kinda fun, isn’t it?
  • iPad Casinos. If you’re using Apple’s tablet device, there are many exciting options for you! Numerous online casinos Canada have added iPad support and that’s amazing. The apps and mobile versions have all been optimized to look great on this device, so you can play with real money and win big without having to use anything other than your beloved iPad.
  • Android Casinos. It’s obvious that a touch screen makes it easier to play online casino games because it adds this tactile feeling to the process. The Android-based mobile phones can offer you a great experience no matter what. Many web-based casinos have apps created specifically for Android gadgets – some can be downloaded via Google Play Store, some come in form of an APK file hosted on the casino’s official website.
  • Mac Casinos. Even though Macs are overpriced and inferior, there are still many web-based casinos that offer an experience that’s been optimized for Apple desktops instead of more powerful PCs. Say what you will about online casino providers, but they work tirelessly to make web-based gambling accessible for just about everyone.

Reputable Online Casinos – How Does One Choose?

There are various things that you need to take into consideration before making your final choice. They include:

  1. All reputable online casinos have been licensed by the likes of MGA and eCOGRA. If you ever see an online casino that doesn’t have a certificate to prove its legitimacy, you should leave it immediately.
  2. All reputable online casinos have comprehensive information regarding the Random Number Generators (RNGs) utilized in their games. Otherwise, you’re just being scammed by some double-dealing online casino vendors.
  3. All reputable online casinos Canada use encryption. Be it SSL or TSL, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they go out of their way to ensure that your data (including credit card information) is protected.

We would like to bring up eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) once again – it’s a globally approved testing agency operating out of London. At the moment, it is THE most reputable testing agency for online casinos.

The Most Popular Banking Methods for Online Casinos Canada

  • PayPal. Even though online casinos Canada rarely offer PayPal payouts, it’s still a popular option worldwide. Curiously enough, PayPal also remains one of the most polarizing payment systems out there. Some people detest it, some hail it as THE greatest web-based wallet.
  • NETELLER. It’s a secure website in which you can open a free account and then transfer funds from your bank account, credit card or via wire transfer. Basically, it’s a platform that was tailor-made for casino transactions. Sometimes gambling websites offer bigger bonuses to people who choose NETELLER. There are no sign-up difficulties, there are no limitations, restrictions or hidden fees. Most people consider NETELLER to be the go-to option when it comes to making deposits and withdrawing your winnings.
  • Visa/MasterCard. Bank cards are going to be the most popular options for online gamblers for years and years to come. It’s fast, easy, and reliable. There’s no other way to put it.
  • Paysafecard. It is an uncomplicated, 100% safe pre-paid payment method that enables you to make payments on the internet without the use of a bank account or credit card info. Most online casinos Canada support Paysafecard, which means you can enjoy an anonymous and totally safe experience while gambling online and that has to be worth something, right? Please take a closer look at our list of online casinos to find out which ones support this payment method.
  • InstaDebit. It makes it extremely easy for gamblers to start winning real money in less than 10 mins. without having to undergo a grueling sign-up process. The best thing about InstaDebit? It’s exceedingly user-friendly and you can transfer your winning to your bank account with zero additional hassle.
  • Skrill. Even though the long-ish sign-up process might discourage some gamblers, this option is quite exciting. Skrill gives you a safe and secure banking method. Most of the services are 100% free, which puts this one head and shoulders above the rest.

Online Casinos FAQ

1. Can I trust your reviews? Is there any proof that you’re not affiliated with the casinos that you review?

The short answer would be – yes, you can trust our reviews completely. The team that’s working on this site consists of seasoned professionals. This website was made BY gamblers and FOR gamblers. We are not affiliated with any of the casinos we cover because that would be counter-productive, obviously. We only offer our honest opinion on the subject.

As far as the proof goes, you can contact our support team via the preferred method of communication – email, live chat, phone, you name it. We are going to provide you with all the required documentation, but you will have to sign an NDA first. It cannot be stressed enough – we are doing this for YOUR benefit, meaning there’s no possible way for us to make money off of it. We offer our unbiased opinion to make sure that your online gambling experience remains safe.

2. Are the online casinos you review legit?

Most of them are. You have to look out for the tell-tale signs of a reputable casino. For example, most of the online gambling platforms we cover have been licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, which means they are perfectly legit. There are, of course, a couple of scathing reviews hosted on our website. Not every casino can meet our high standards.

3. How long does it take to withdraw money from an online casino?

It depends on the casino, to be quite honest with you. Some don’t take more than a couple of minutes, some take 24 hours, and some can take as long as five business days. It depends not only on the casino in question, but also on the payment method that you’re choosing. PayPal can be faster than a wire transfer and so forth. In order to find out about average withdrawal time for any given casino, you should look at our reviews.

4. How do I create an account?

The process is pretty straightforward, for the most part:

  1. Visit the casino’s main page and locate the button that says “Sign Up.”
  2. After you’ve been transferred to the sign-up page, it’s time for you to fill in some information.
  3. Finish the registration process and don’t forget to come up with a strong password. Your winnings are at stake here, you can never risk compromising your account thanks to a weak, short password.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Of course, the registration process varies from site to site, but it’s pretty simple for the most part. Some web-based gambling platforms even go as far as to allow one-click registration and other methods that are not time-consuming in the slightest.

5. I live in Asia. Can I still play online casino games?

Of course, you can! There are many exciting opportunities that are open to Asian gamblers. For example, some websites offer country-specific bonuses and you really should look into that. With that being said, you need to take care of the money side of things first. Be sure to verify that you can safely and easily make deposits and withdrawals, make sure that the casino supports your primary banking option.

For additional information regarding the best online casinos for Asian gamblers, please check out our reviews. We go out of our way to mention all the country-specific intricacies that might improve your experience.

6. I want to start gambling online, but I’m afraid that there’s a language barrier. I’m French and my English is not so good. What do I do?

First and foremost, you should check out our reviews. We specify which casinos are translated into multiple languages, including, of course, French. We have many reviews focusing on online casinos Canada and, as you know, French is pretty big in Canada, so most of the casinos you see here have a French version.

In addition to that, we always mention if a website has a multi-language customer support team that can help you out along the way. Please enjoy your gambling experience, don’t forget to send us a follow-up letter – tell us which online casino you ended up choosing.

7. Can I count on welcome bonuses?

Yes, you can! Approximately 99% of the web-based gambling platforms that we cover offer sign-up bonuses to all of their new users. The amount that you’re going to receive can be as high as $1200, depending on your initial deposit. Some sites also let you enjoy free spins, which is also very generous of them.

8. Can I play on mobile?

It’s one of the most frequent questions that we have to address on a nearly daily basis. Yes, most casinos offer mobile versions of their gambling platforms!

Most casinos have apps that you can download via either Apple Store or Google Marketplace. No matter what kind of device you’re using, you’re sure to access the full functionality of any given web-based casino we covered here. No features cut, no bonuses that are unavailable.