Online Casino sites to Play for Real Money

Some folks out there don’t enjoy gambling in casinos for real money, but they’re obviously in minority. Why would you try to enjoy a virtual gambling experience if you don’t even play for real money? Yes, you can lose some, but you also cannot win some. Why ignore all the lucrative opportunities offered by casinos which give the bettor the opportunity to play for real money?

Netting a gigantic jackpot is the main driving force behind the actions of punters that seek out online gambling venues that let you make a killing. Data submitted by an anonymous real money casino shows that punters managed to win $3 billion in the year of 2019. According to their estimations, the casino for real money niche is expected to arrive at around the $92 billion mark by 2022. That’s the moment when you drop the microphone because what else is there to say? There are millions upon millions of gamblers winning those life-changing jackpots every single day.

Our website will help you pinpoint the best web-based gambling sites that let you play for real money. Keep scrolling to discover more valuable info!

Top 5 Online Casinos to Play for Real Money

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Key Points: Assessing Real Money Casinos

While on the subject of picking the greatest virtual gambling websites that allow you to play for real money, let’s make one thing crystal clear: our review team works diligently to guarantee that every single real money casino we endorse offers the greatest experience conceivable. The question – how do we asses real money casinos?

There are several vital factors which we take into account while reviewing a casino for real money, including:

  • Support. As you are aware, a competent customer assistance crew is a necessity for any casino worth its salt. They need to make sure that there’s a qualified taskforce that can provide assistance in regards to numerous issues and questions regarding bonuses, transaction speed, and other features. Leading real money casinos spare no expenses when it comes to their client relations task force.
  • Safety. Airtight security is yet another must for all the gaming websites that wind up scoring high. We always check to see if they have encryption protocols set in place, we always make sure that they were approved by legitimate third-party organizations, and so forth.
  • Loyalty. Rewarding punters is going to generate lots and lots of good publicity and you can’t argue with that. Bettors that love playing in casinos for real money, they know it full well – if a site does NOT have an affinity program for loyal customers, then it’s not worth your time.
  • Additional benefits. There are countless exciting bonuses and promos to enjoy, including the registration bonus, birthday promo, and so forth. If you play in casino for real money, you look forward to receiving something extra in return.
  • Games. We’ve all been there – spending God knows how many minutes trying to figure out which title is the most captivating. Generally speaking, majority of online gambling web sites that you can see listed here grant you access to the broadest choice of games possible, namely – cult classics and brand-new releases.
  • Monetary Terms. When you play in casinos for real money… Well, you obviously expect to have various convenient means of payment/withdrawal that provide you with a quick way to retrieve the earnings.

More Info on Playing in Casino for Real Money

The experience that you go thru in real money casinos is unlike anything else. You’re gonna feel the rush of adrenaline coursing thru your body as you make big bucks and risk it all. The bigger half of real money casino platforms encourage you to play for real, so to speak. They reward your courage and present you with a myriad of incentives which can only be accessed by people that gamble with cash.

The mere fact that there’s hard cash involved makes everything that much more exhilarating – real winnings are within reach, they’re just one lucky spin away from you, each and every single time. According to countless testimonies, playing in casinos for real money brings bettors more excitement and is more rewarding.

Simply put, the following are the biggest advantages of gaming sites which give you the opportunity to play for real money:

  1. Bigger choice of games;
  2. Way more exciting;
  3. More rewards for bettors;
  4. Higher probability of winning that life-changing jackpot.

As far as cons go, people always bring their attention to the most obvious one – you can lose money fast if you do not exercise caution.

Which Sorts of Games Can One Play in Casino for Real Money?

The assortment of games plays a pivotal role in the success story of any given real money casino since the gamblers prefer having a diverse assortment of thrilling tiles to select from when they register on a real money casino. In most instances, the sites that we assess in our reviews offer a broad array of exciting titles, both old and new to keep their clientele happy. The most in-demand categories of games include:

  • Pai Gow;
  • Slots;
  • Keno;
  • Dai Siu;
  • Black Jack;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Craps;
  • Baccara.

On average, sites that let people gamble for real offer titles from trustworthy developers, including Playtech, IGT, Bally, and the omnipresent Microgaming. This ensures that the punters enjoy the best possible experience, enjoying unprecedented quality on top of winning big. Make no mistake, playing in casinos for real money is quite possibly the most exciting thing ever. Down below, we will be talking in more detail about the numerous categories of games which you can play for real money.

Electrifying Real Money Casino Games

  • Slots. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways of netting huge jackpots. These types of games involve no skill whatsoever, they’re entirely luck-based. Playing slots in real money casinos is extremely simple. All you really have to do is pick a title that seems to be the most appealing one and start spinning. Obviously, it might take a while for you to make a killing, but, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and gotta tell you, there’s nothing quite as fun as slots.
  • Black Jack. Instead of letting you play for real money with a dealer and other gamblers, web-based black jack lets you play against the house. You know how the saying goes, “house always wins?” Well, it’s not exactly the case as far real money casinos and their virtual black jack tables are concerned. These types of games use RNGs to decide the value of each card, which makes it easier to win. Nevertheless, if it’s your first time playing in casino for real money, you should turn to a less skill-based game… Perhaps you should try slots first?
  • Poker. It’s one of the most sought-after card games in history. You can play virtual poker in a virtual casino for real money, but, on the other hand, you must understand that that’s an entirely different experience when compared to real poker. You can’t look at other players, you can’t read their poker face, there’s none of that. Still, skilled and disciplined gamblers are guaranteed to win big whilst enjoying this type of web-based gambling.
  • Roulette. It’s become a mainstay in casinos for real money. Instead of a real table and wheel, you get a virtual roulette that’s controlled by an RNG. Playing in casinos for real money on roulette tables is the go-to choice for many bettors since this type of casino game offers some extremely lucrative opportunities. Tell us- which type of roulette you prefer, though? There’s multi-wheel roulette, multi-ball roulette, diamond edition roulette, American roulette, Euro roulette, and so on and so forth.

Time to Play for Real Money… With Real Dealers

Live real money casinos bring something unique to the table – it’s a mix of the web-based casino experience and the real one. With these platforms, you can play for real money via the internet, but the games themselves are run by a real croupier who you can look at and communicate with.

Almost any real money casino can give you a sizeable collection of live games because they’ve been steadily growing in popularity. Now that the technology is there, you can easily play in casino for real money and with REAL PEOPLE. This kind of a real money casino experience usually comes with a myriad of special deals and limited-time offers. Doesn’t matter if you prefer baccara, black jack or roulette, you are going to be spoiled for choice. Let’s briefly mention some of the most in-demand forms of live games which you can access on real money casino platforms.

  • Baccara. Folks that play in casinos for real money have perhaps already heard about this one. The main goal here is to get as close as you can to nine. It’s the kind of a real money casino game in which you’re competing against the croupier.
  • Roulette. If you ever played in an online casino for real money, you’d be aware of the fact that roulette is perhaps the most in-demand sort of live casino games.
  • Caribbean Hold’em. Essentially, this one is a variation of good ol’ Texas Hold’em, but modified to better suit real money casinos. In this version, bettors compete against the dealer instead of other punters.
  • Black Jack. It’s a timeless game played in casinos for real money. The primary objective is to reach twenty-one.
  • Three Card Poker. The main goal here is simple – you just need to get a better hand than the dealer. While this game might seem repetitive on the surface, it offers a great degree of variety and excitement.

Casinos for Real Money: Deposit Options for Everyone

Your experience can be somewhat stained by the limited payout/withdrawal options. Before you make the initial deposit, you got to confirm that the web site in question supports the payment form that is the most convenient for you. The following are the most commonly used banking options used by real money casinos:

  • ATM Cards;
  • PayPal;
  • Pre-Paid Cards;
  • Skrill;
  • Crypto;

When picking a website for playing, make sure that it supports the payment form which best suits your wishes and requirements in order to steer clear of any possible disappointments in the future. You can turn to our text-based reviews to find out which casino supports which payment means.

Casino for Real Money: Mobile Experience

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, you are now able to play for real money on the move, across different platforms. That, of course, includes mobile phones and tablets. A desktop is amazing for playing in a casino for real money while you’re at home or at the office, but the mobile experience is way better. You can play wherever you want.

There’s a big percentage of gambling sites that were created with the mobile experience in mind, so their mobile versions are adjustable, adaptable, and good-looking. No matter the screen size or resolution, you’re getting the best picture possible. Some casinos go a step further than that – they actually develop official apps for different operating software, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Real Money Casinos

1. Why aren’t the payments free?

By and large, the transaction fees depend on the payment method that you’re using. Also, there are some country-specific fees that might apply. For example, various web-based wallets have insane transaction fees that might as well nearly nullify your earnings. For that reason, you have to choose wisely – do your own research and find out which payment method comes with the least amount of fees and charges.

Also, what you have to understand is that the casino itself is NOT charging you anything.

2. I love playing in online casinos (real money, of course), but there’s one thing that’s been bothering me. Why aren’t payments instant?

It’s one of the most common questions that people have when it comes to real money casinos. Why does it take two or so days to process my payment? It seems pretty damn simple on the service and you might start wondering if there’s something shady happening behind the scenes.

Technically, the casino doesn’t need more than a couple of hours to approve a transaction. The employees just look at your profile to verify that everything’s legit and press the approve button, essentially. From here on out, it’s all in the hands of various payment platforms that handle the transfer. In our estimation, they’re usually the ones to blame for delays.

To put it bluntly, it’s the likes of PayPal that might make it difficult for you to access the winnings right away. Still, you can read more on that in the reviews.

3. Are casino bonuses for new players only?

That’s not the case but we understand where you’re coming from. Obviously, the most popular type of bonus is a sign-up bonus. That’s the only one anybody wants to talk about, essentially.

With that being said, we have to point out that there are countless other types of bonuses which you can take full advantage of even if you’re not a new player. Seasoned gamblers will be offered various bonuses, including:

  • Loyalty bonuses. The customer loyalty program is meant to reward active players by encouraging them with free money.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposit bonuses. Gambling sites don’t offer those as often as you would hope, but they tend to be bigger than the sign-up bonus, which is pretty amazing.
4. Which casinos accept Canadian dollars?

Unsurprisingly enough, you can’t use Canadian currency on every single web-based casino out there, which, of course, is a huge letdown. At times, you’ll see casinos that only allow players to use USD, which is counterproductive and flat-out dumb, in our opinion.

Nonetheless, you can always turn to our unbiased online casino reviews to find out which casinos accept CAD. There’s plenty of those, so you’ll be spoiled for choice, pretty much.

5. Is it possible for me to refuse a bonus?

Of course, it is! It’s 100% possible for you to turn down a bonus from the gambling site you frequent. Some players prefer not to play with bonus money because, in their opinion, it might cloud their judgment. In order to turn down a bonus, you should contact the customer support team and tell them exactly what you want them to do.

6. How do I choose the best casino banking method?

As always, there are many different factors to take into account before committing to a single banking method. You need to make sure that your casino experience is as close to perfect as humanly possible and that’s not an easy task to accomplish. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the following key points:

  • Safety. You need to verify that the payment method is 100% safe, through and through.
  • Time. Some payment methods take longer on average than others. Take that into consideration while planning your budget.
  • Availability. Some banking methods are suitable for almost every other casino out there. We’re talking about the likes of Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Of course, the same can be said about Visa and Mastercard.
7. Is safety really that important?

It 100% is. Any half-decent gambling site uses the Rijndael encryption algorithm to provide extra security. All of your personal and payment data might be compromised and intercepted by a 3rd party if a casino, for some reason, decides to cut corners when it comes to security and encryption protocols.

8. What’s a “match-up bonus”?

As the name would imply, it’s a bonus that matches the amount of money you decide to add to your account in the form of the first deposit. These types of bonuses vary in percentages, but the most lucrative type of a match-up bonus is, of course, the coveted 100% match-up bonus. If you add $100 to your account, the casino will give you another $100 for free.