Online Roulette

Online roulette is not only fashionable but also rich in its history.  From the French, it continues to cascade all the way to different regions in the world today! Roulette offers quite a range of possibilities, which makes it quite diverse.

Online roulette is a simple game with simple rules. As a game of chance, there is little to strategize about in regards to making your bets. The unlikelihood of a possible strategy to follow in creating a wager when you play roulette makes the journey a wholesome adventure.

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However, if you wish to interact with others, roulette online is the game to engage in on any given day. The different online roulette variations are easy to understand and comprehend. The rules governing the classic game and the simplicity in which one can wager and play roulette makes it all the more interesting.

Roulette rules

Taking that step and coming up with a move or a number on which to place your bet follows specific rules. The rules are different from one casino to another, but some stick to each one of them. The difference results from the variations of numbers of different online roulette variants such as European roulette and the American roulette.

A standard wheel characterizing the roulette (wheel) contains a range of numbers from 1 to 38. These have alternating colors starting with zero, which is green in color, and the rest are either black or red. However, in one of the variants Americana Roulette, there are two zeros, each marked green.

All that you need to play roulette (any version) is to identify a number, whether odd or even. Take the amount that you desire to put across to the online roulette casino. Click on the specific name that you wish to place the wager. All that is remaining is to spin the wheel, watch and wait until the ball lands.

Wherever the online roulette ball comes to a stop indicates the winning number. Sometimes it may land on your select name, and sometimes, it might not make the traditional roulette online casino game outcomes quite unpredictable.

Bets/ wagers

Taking part in any roulette game requires pure knowledge on how to play roulette online. However, the table may present complications in understanding how it works, especially in regards to types of wagers you can place. These wagers include:

  • If you desire to place a bet on any of the roulette table numbers, then you make an inside roulette bet. Their payout ratios are quite high in comparison to the other possible wagers;
  • If your interests lie in a single or specific number on the roulette table, the wager is straight. A win using the straight bet earns you a payout ratio of 35:1, which is quite amazing. However, the possibility of crunching that benefit is quite slim due to the high house edge and low probability levels.

A simple roulette online payout table is as follows:

Wager name Payout
Straight 35 times to 1
Split 17 times to 1
Street 11 times to 1
Corner 8 times to 1
Six line 5 times to 1

Outside bets

As the name suggests, these types of online roulette wagers fall on the outside areas that surround the roulette numbers. The variety of choices for the kind of outside roulette wagers you can make is quite versatile. However, in comparison to inside bets, the outside bets have a lower payout ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 and a more economical house advantage.

Special online roulette wagers

These come in a wide range, especially in the French online roulette and the European as well. Another name representing the particular wagers also includes called bets or the popular announced bets.

Roulette strategy

Roulette online is one of the thrilling games to participate in, but with the high gaming odds, it becomes increasingly difficult to bag a win. However, if you are still in the mood to bag it, do not despair. Here are a few strategies to help you out.

  • Martingale

    As the players often keep busy by increasing their initial wagers to regain what little they can salvage from the game. The martingale strategy also aims to bring back any, and all losses you have with a single win. Therefore, it dictates that you continue wagering on the specific color or initial bet you made. With each play roulette wager you make, you double the initial wager while hoping for a win.

  • Reverse Martingale

    With each wager you lose, you decide to reduce future choices of the play. However, with each wing you gather on the online roulette, you endeavor to increase any future choices (bets) forever. The aim of this is that after cutting the incurred losses, you will not feel the pinch, but with an increase of wagers, you recover and earn a profit while at it.

  • D’Alembert Roulette

    One of the most amazing strategies in roulette online, where one can do as he pleases. You can reduce the desired amount to a single price each time or increase it. Your preference takes precedence. Ro instance, you may decide to reduce the initial bet with a single digit. It might be a safer play roulette strategy in comparison to increasing the chance by 100%.

  • Fibonacci Roulette

    Here betting is much simpler but involves adding up numbers. To complete a single bet, you have to add the last two together in the second round. The routine continues until you are all done with playing. The method is quite simple and aims to ensure that after you perform an exciting online roulette competition, there is something left behind for you to enjoy.

Roulette Variations

The roulette wheel is what marks the difference between the various roulette variants. When you play roulette, you have to take in even the smallest of the details about your wheel. Therefore, you can identify whether you are playing European, American, or also French online roulette.

American online roulette

To play roulette online, you need a sense of adventure and a heart made of stone. Since the house advantage is quite high for any game of roulette, finding a wheel with two zeros can also put you on edge.  Besides, being all nervous is not a good sign when you play roulette online. You might make the wrong decision and end up risking a lot with a single move.

As indicated, this specific roulette variant is the adventurous type. It has two zero spots. This means that it has one extra number, which often impacts on your betting system. Before creating a winning strategy, revise the wheel for a better look.


If looking for the natural feel of your online roulette game, continuously practicing drives out any doubt. Therefore, you should try and become one with the wheel on any casinos that pop to mind. The European wheel has one zero in its number alignments. It makes the strategies stick and more comfortable to manipulate any wager you decide to place.

Live roulette

There is nothing more fabulous than having continuous interaction with different individuals in the comfort of your own space. Live play roulette brings together individuals who love the game but are too afraid to join a brick and mortar casino.  Apart from being live, it is also a social gathering where you can play against the house or fellow players at any given moment.

There are several variations of online roulette. If you ever decide to play roulette online, here are some of the variants you may come across.

  • Mini-game of roulette online

    The set includes a smaller wheel in comparison to the original size of the conventional wheel that people use to play roulette. To its small size, the name mini fits it perfectly. The small size also increases one chance of getting a win. However, the edges remain very high, which makes it impossible to play and win.

  • Streams from land-based casinos

    Sometimes, a live roulette game is one that streams from one of the casinos on the land. Players come from different regions in the world and engage in an online roulette play but with the actual wheel being on land. The idea is quite authentic and takes many by surprise, which increases the adventure behind that specific step.

  • High definition or Immersive or HD online roulette

    The online roulette variant is one that keeps you glued to the screen. All the wheels are visible due to then high definition cameras set in different angles to maximize the table appearance. Even though the wheel or the tables are not real and are software-generated, it is far easier to use the software that different providers have to play the game online.

  • Live speed

    As the name suggests, this specific variant increases the rate at which the roulette wheel spins. It aims to cut down the spin period ensuring the outcomes are visible as soon as possible. With live play online roulette games, the time taken is less than 30 seconds depending on the platform you are using. Others have a lesser period, while others have more seconds to count than that.

  • Double Balls

    To make the adventure stick and the thrill of it last longer, why not double ball with your bets and the wheel. You just need to identify a provider with this specific variation and play roulette. Providers offering this particular roulette online difference offer huge payouts, especially in the likelihood of both roulette balls landing on the same number and stopping there.

    Just imagine having a 1300:1 payout ratio. Any worries go away immediately. However, take care in placing your wager and exercise patience. Do not be too enthusiastic over the prospects and forget that well” roulette online is indeed a game of chances!”

  • Progressive jackpots

    There have been continuous talks of progressive jackpots only concerning slots casinos. However, progressive jackpots are slowly making their way through to traditional games. Even though the progression is slow, online roulette is making a comeback with its selection of progressive jackpots, and you can take home with you. 

Live online roulettes have a versatile number of online games for you to pursue. All these designs are the most recent, and the technology continues to grow. With each step you take towards understanding live roulette, you open up more opportunities for you to follow. Chasing that adventure is fundamental to having a good time whenever you log into your account and proceed to play roulette online.

Do not forget that you can even pull out your iPad or iPhone and continue your game in the comfort of your bed. Find a casino that provides online roulette download it and plays at any time you think suits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Speaking about mobile casinos, do you think it is wise to download the casino and play a desirable game is you so wish? I love roulette and want to try a few before I settle to one.

Well, to play roulette online, one does require patience that comes with continuous practice. It might be hectic finding a way to use a public computer. However, with a casino download, the process becomes more comfortable, and you can engage in the game for the longest time possible. As a result, your expertise grows, and you become not only skilled but also very satisfied.

2. To play roulette, what do I need for an exploratory game?

First of all, you need to identify the best casino in which to explore your opportunities. Remember, casinos can be daring, and sometimes, it is essential to exercise caution less risk being defrauded. Once you are sure of the casino, take the step to register and become a member. Select the best variant of different online roulette games and proceed to play. Try all of the winning strategies and keep practicing until you can garner at least a single win.

3. Are there significant differences between different versions of online roulette?

Yes, there are many differences that characterize each version. However, the significant variations come in the table layout for each release. There can either be a single zero on the table layout or a double. Also, the house edges vary from one variant to another. Finally, the online live roulette games are too comprehensive in their game versions giving more than one single selection for you to make. It is crucial to understand the game you are about to engage in and knowing the difference may earn you the edge you so require.

4. There are many strategies at your disposal in which you can use to change the game to favor you. However, can you also use them to change the rules in your favor?

Well, strategies offer you as a player an advantage over the house or casino. These strategies give you the opportunity to even out the playing field. However, the rules of the competition and the roulette game when playing remain constant. There is nothing that can change them unless the casino itself has a clause restricting or allowing specific rules in the game.

5. When playing online, many platforms offer games from similar roulette software. Is it right to say that all the rules will be identical due to this functionality?

Well, even though they may provide services from similar software providers, each casino where the game has its rules and regulations. Game rules may differ slightly, but casino rules vary by a wide range. Therefore, keeping yourself up to date with your casino rules regarding the most recent version or online roulette is essential. It prevents possible surprises that you may come across, making sure you have what it takes to conquer them.

6. What do you think I should do to enjoy a single play on the wheel? Am I finding it difficult to concentrate?

The first step is to find a quiet spot in which you can pull your thoughts into the game. Secondly, find the right casino to begin your game. Purchase chips and click on start the game. Place your wager and ensure to follow what the strategies of online roulette stipulate. Once you get enough satisfaction with your play, click on the spin button on your screen. Wait until the ball saunters to s stop and look at the outcomes.

7. Do the applications that provide online roulette do justice to the game?

Well, we would say yes. The resolution required to offer such a game, especially live casinos, is of a higher magnitude. Even with possible challenges, the game is still available for you to take a wild look and make a wild play for online roulette at any given time or moment. Besides, with the variety out there, you can never lose interest in such a game. To enjoy them all, you should start now and look forward to making your own debut, whether in Canada, in the North Pole, or even in the far east.