Craps Online: Game Overview

As time passes, more and more games are hitting the market. However, online craps is a rarer jewel that continues to shine through time. The classic genre continues to hold people’s joy by its sheer magnificence in bringing out different types of gatherings all through the Second World War. If not for the invention of this game, I believe people would have no enjoyment and possibly, no fun at all.

The dice-based games involve throwing dice or even two depending on the variant. The dice contains a different number of dots on each of its surfaces and being a cube, it has six faces. Each face has a specific number one to six. The outcomes of a specific wager are dependent on different dice rolls. It can be a single or different number of rolls depending on the desire and rules of the game set.

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Being the popular variety in terms of genre and variety of stakes, it is essential to know that craps still enjoys a low edge in casinos. The low edge is quite attractive especially for players aiming to put a score into the goals and bag a jackpot if available. Besides, what is much more fun than competing against your highest scores on a daily basis?

Online Craps Governing Rules

The rules are similar in different places in the world. They may differ slightly internally for different business operators, but the overall rules remain universally agreed upon. To gain an understanding of these rules, one requires:

  • Different dices with the number in dots printed on their faces. After that, each player engaging in the online craps game places their wagers. Finally, each takes a turn to roll the available online dices and await the outcomes;
  • A shooter is a craps player. After rolling the dices for the first time, you can either select to pass your wager or fail to pass the wager. Either way, this initial wager has a name (coming out dice roll);
  • To get a shot at winning online craps, you need to gather your dices and once you click on the throw, you garner a seven or an amazing eleven in the dice number totals. The numbers facing up after rolling out summation is what determines the outcome of the bets. For a 7 or an eleven, then it is an amazing win. However, you have to have your wager on the pass line and not the don’t pass line. If the totals of the dice roll are a two (2), a twelve (12) or a three (3), then they don’t pass line wagers get the win;
  • Any other numbers in between have no winning capacity. Therefore, if you draw them, you continuously repeat the process until you attain either of the above numbers. However, there is an exception that if you roll a 7, it is the don’t pass mark wager individual who gets this specific win and not the other. Once the process is complete, the game restarts with a new shooter/ player.

Craps Variations

Sometimes, taking on the same routine can become boring and totally uninteresting. Therefore, online craps take the initiative to break the monotony and ensure continuous entertainment. Therefore, it brings to your disposal different variations in which you can enjoy anytime. As a result, whenever you decide and take the step to play craps online, you feel right at home. These variations include:


Imagine playing online craps and never losing the game like forever? Well, this specific variation seems to deliver you exactly that. The difference between crapsless and the normal online craps is that this specific variation does not have the fail line only the pass line. If asking how this is even possible, the variation shows it is impossible to land on the fail numbers two, three and twelve. As a result, the edge for different craps casinos goes up with different variations.

High point

Well, if you desire to enjoy a craps game in Canada, why not go for the high point variation. It removes the two and three from the losing end which ups your chances of earning a win. However, it is only if they are the first to appear after having a wonderful time rolling the dices for the first time. The other difference that the shooter gets an automatic win if they aim at achieves eleven or twelve after a roll. The only catch is that the house edge for the game is over 2%.

Die rich

If not into tradition, you may seek out exotic factors and elements to help soothe your restlessness after a game. To play craps online in this version requires a single die ad a win is automatically awarded if they roll the die and achieve a 6. If it is any other number apart from 6, then you lose the game.

With this specific variation, every single player participating has three shots and getting a six. If the three times you roll and it does not appear in your results, you either lose if playing alone or the die moves to another player. If they do not win, the cycle continues until they are a plausible winner.

Payouts for this special version of craps increase with the rolls. After an initial roll, you only get a 1:1 payout ratio. The second round earns a 2:1 payout ratio while the third and last rounds earn a 4:1 payout ratio in case of a win.

New York

The difference here is the house edge rates which go way above in comparison to other variations and the original online craps game. Also, it takes into account the various changes that the variation makes on the online craps table. Therefore, if you ever desire to play the New York version of online craps, it is fundamental that review the information availed to you by the service provider. If you have the much-needed satisfaction, then go ahead and engage in a game for fun.

Playing craps online

The first step towards a good game is understanding the working outs of the game in its entirety. Finding the small pieces that you can put together and gain a whole is what the game major’s in. however, to play, you need to register and create an account with a suitable gaming provider.

What is wagering?

The first step understands what the different wagers are. These include the most fabulous of all:

  • Famous bets

    • Place wagers are those that you decide on rolling before the other shooter or you roll the ending numbers;
    • A field bet requires one to have only a single dice roll. It is an intensive wager that holds on to people’s suspense.
    • As indicates, a pass wager is one that comes through after rolling a sum of seven and eleven;
    • A don’t pass wager indicates that a two, a twelve or a three summation of the dice rolls.

    If you have come across and completed all the other bets, you have a chance to redeem yourself and bag a win. However, one must have completed one of the previous wagers. The outcomes of an odd bet depend on your initial wager. You can either lay the wager or take it. For instance, if your initial wager was a pass bet, then you win with 7 of the roll and you lay with any other number.

  • Proposition wagers

    These can be damning as the edge is too high for players to comply with on a daily basis. They may cause a slash on your winnings resulting in a massive loss which is not advisable. However, they also add a new air of freshness to the game. It is not healthy to have suitable options all the time. Taking the risk is sometimes much more entertaining and fun. They include:

    • An ace deuce gives you a staggering payout of 15 times if you manage to pull a three with your dice roll;
    • Any 7 or the famous big red wager offers another good payout ratio of 4 times. The condition for the payout is to ensure the dice stands on a summation of 7;
    • Any three-way is another generous offer that gives you seven times payout ratio for only getting the values incorporated into the wager. These are the famous numbers twelve, three and two;
    • An ace or a craps also goes by the name snake eyes. This wager comes with an advantageous payout ratio of 30 times in its winnings. However, before you take it home, you have to beat the odds and pull a 3 from your dices;
    • Midnight wager or the boxcars offers another prestigious offers if you as a shooter are able to carry it. You receive 30 times your wager if you manage to get a 12 from rolling your dices;
    • How about the YO wager that also goes by the name eleven? Well, you can only have the 15 times ratio for a payout if you roll the most sought after a number in a dice game, eleven.
  • Field wagers

    You wager on the outcomes of all the other numbers except the most fundamental one i.e. 1, 5, 7, 8 and 11.

  • Hop wager

    As the name suggests, there is no specific moment in which you cannot make this wager. As the game is underway, provided it is not after it’s ended. You just select a number in which you think the dice will roll into as the player rolls. If it the number you just guessed, then the wager is yours. If not you lose the whole wager and as a result, the water pumps a lot of adrenaline into the players.

  • Multirole wagers

    To play craps online, it is crucial to have all of these wager varieties at hand. Imagine not knowing and the opportunities that might be slipping your hands at the moment? Multirole wagers are part of the game. Therefore, be sure to place some of this and take home any of the winnings.

    Buying or laying wagers. If you decide on buying, you require you to choose any number on the dice that will roll before the winning or losing numbers (7) come on during the first rolls. If lucky, you get the wager if not it goes to the house. However, if you are laying the wager, it is the opposite the buying wager and similar to the don’t pass wager.

    The hard way is a bet that is similar to the name. It is difficult to roll a 10 when you throw the dices. Even when aiming for an eight or even a simple six can be quite complicated. However, if you are able to roll a hard way bet, then you either get two fives, two fours or even two threes. However, pair combinations are not a usual thing while you play craps online.


1. Dices can be tricky and finding the right angle to throw is most difficult. What can I do to improve on this?

Since online craps involve drawing the dice by clicking on a button, it is difficult to assess how much force you are using or which angle the dices will fall. As a result, there is no way to determine which side the dices will appear in which makes it quite complicated to play. However, craps are unconventional and when you least expect it, you bag the win and smile all the way to the bank.

2. What is a pass bet when it comes to playing online craps? I keep hearing it and I would like to know before I start to play craps online.

Each type of game has a specific feature that draws people’s interests in it. Well, when it comes to online craps, the pass bet is the special feature. The most popular craps bet in the world and the most sought after winning shot. With the percentage edge for the game going as low as 1.4%, this wager becomes most suitable for the game at any given moment.

3. Is there a way to gain a bargaining edge when you play craps online? I am finding it difficult to keep up with the others in the game.

Well, craps can sometimes pose a headache especially if you are not completely aware of the different small details it encompasses. Therefore, it is fundamental to acquaint yourself with the game, find the ins and outs of playing this online dice game and follow through with continuous practice. At the end of the day, you will find yourself to have a similar edge and skill as those you envy right now.

4. Is it fun to play craps online without the competition, the cheering and above all the tension people create on a real brick casino? I can’t imagine having no company while I play craps.

Well, people who play craps online find solace, entertainment, and fun in having their personal time on a computer and a game to kill the time. Besides, most of the time, individuals lack the time to visit these casinos as they continuously work through the day and in the evening they require to rest. Hence, squeezing in a game or two of craps online is probably relieving during lunch break, to say the least.

5. Seeking an adventure with a wide variety of outcomes to choose from. Do you think this specific type of dice game can deliver on this?

Well, craps has very many outcomes that are difficult to dwell in at the moment but are visible in the above discussion. Therefore, if looking to find something new each day and trying to deliver on your adventurous spirit, then online craps is the game to play. It is not only entertaining, but it is also thrilling with each step you take towards achieving your set wager.

6. What do you think of the house edge to play craps online in different online casinos in reference to the possibility of a win?

Each casino is unique and runs its operations independently. Besides, the terms for each may differ greatly. Even though the rules and strategies to play craps online do not change much, the house edge almost remains constant or has very little difference from one casino to another. However, it is always advisable to exercise caution and not expect everything to be the same. Please read through essential information before committing to play craps online on any occasion.

7. Winning is not everything, especially in a casino-based craps game. But I keep on losing and currently on edge as nothing I do seems to be working.

When you hit stagnation or finding yourself at a crossroad with your desire to play craps online, just sit back and relax. Let the stress out and seek alternative solutions to the game unless it is time-sensitive. Otherwise, seek to improve your personal edge before going ahead and completing the game. If already time-sensitive, evaluate your options and select the best possible choice by throwing your dices. Once satisfied, relax and re-evaluate.